About me

My name is Abdullah Diab (a.k.a. mpcabd). Born in 1989 in Damascus the capital of Syria.

Graduated from Damascus University with a Bachelor of Software Engineering in 2011, currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, working as a Senior IT Developer at Booking.com.

Started programming very early in my life, around 2001, and still going forward!

I like math, physics, sciences, reading, movies, anime, and of course cats 🙂



Email: mpcabdgmail.com

7 thoughts on “About me

  1. well nice 2 meet u buddy .. it seems u have a gd history with programming haha
    we have some same points like “psychology stuff n programming” but u dnt like hacking stuff >.<
    n plus that Im a "Bakaloria student wish me a gdluck :(" … n sometimes ppl who I know told me that who studies computer engineering doesn't have a life n it seems yes cuz he should live in front of computer like 24/7
    aw gdlcuk 2 u 2 in ur life haha

  2. Hello, I adore Python too.I was born on the 20th of February 1990 in ShangHai.I’m learning Openstack.I hope to make a friend.

  3. I really have an honor that you are a man of my city “Damascus”. I hope you to get more than you hope and dream.
    Allah save you.

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