Bring Down IE6

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The premise is simple: Internet Explorer 6 is antiquated, doesn’t support key web standards, and should be phased out. This isn’t about being anti-Microsoft, it’s about Microsoft’s lack of development in the browser market. With IE7/8 not available for Windows 2000, IE6 accounts for up to 20% of web usage, primarily via business users. Clients pressure designers to ‘force’ sites to work in IE6, and designers, not wanting to lose business, comply, using hacks and workarounds. This wastes time and money. Microsoft needs to fix this, designers need to unite, and we all need to move on.

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In our article, ‘Calling time on IE6’, we ask designers and developers if it’s finally time to take IE6 behind the shed and shoot it. Major names in the web industry debate our mission, talking about the pros and cons behind dumping IE6. How feasible is it to shun the browser entirely? What can you do to minimise the impact IE6 has on you and your clients (and increasingly tight budgets)? And what can and should Microsoft do to help us all move the web and web standards on? Find out by reading the article, or just ‘skip to the end’ by looking to the right and getting involved.

Get involved

  • Put our logo on your site and then link to this site. Follow us on Twitter.
  • Educate your colleagues, users and clients regarding calling time on IE6.
  • Ensure sites work in IE6, but don’t waste a lot of time fixing non-critical issues.
  • Provide an upgrade notice for IE6 users by adding this code to your page:
  • Spread the word

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