Collaborative Software Development with SVN Lecture

Today I gave a lecture in my faculty about “Collaborative Software Development with SVN”, it was prepared and set by the collaboration of iCommunity, Syrian Computer Society and Damascus University.

The lecture included the following points:

  1. A Tribute to Mahmoud Darwish
  2. iCommunity Introduction
  3. Introduction
  4. Problem Definition
  5. Introducing Version Control System
  6. Definitions
  7. How it works
  8. Introducing SVN
  9. How to SVN:
    1. Hosting Projects.
    2. Local Servers.
    3. Installing TortoiseSVN.
    4. Basic Operations
    5. Advanced Operations.
  10. Conclusion

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iCommunity FOSS 09

I mentioned many times before that I was planning to make a workshop about Free Open Source Software (FOSS) in Damascus, and thankfully I did 🙂

The Idea

The idea was to spread the culture of FOSS between the interested people here in Damascus.
What I noticed was that almost 99% of computer science students didn’t know what Free Software is and what Open Source software is!
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