In the celebration of 10M questions on StackOverflow

Who among us developers doesn’t know StackOverflow? If you don’t know it then there is a big chance you didn’t search for any programming related question in the last 7 years, so you either are doing a super great job, using a super old community of old school programmers, or actually didn’t practice programming for some really long time.

StackOverflow reached more than 10 million questions, I won’t list those amazing numbers and statistics here, feel free to see them on StackOverflow’s 10M page, they are really great to read and to try to imagine them.

I’m not going to talk about its history, the internet is full of those articles, you can read about it from Wikipedia or from its co-founder Joel Spolsky. I will talk about my story and how I see StackOverflow in this occasion, it’s my way of celebrating the success of this global platform, and the success of humanity there.

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