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And we’re back

After a month of not blogging, I’m back to blogging for Python.

This month had a lot in it:

  • Computer Science exams @ Damascus University, so I had to study a lot.
  • Scientific Calculations Project, the project of this semester.
  • FOSS Workshop, which my friends and I arranged to in Damascus, and it was more than wonderful.

After finishing my Scientific Calculations Project I made the choice of removing Windows for good from my computer, I’m going to make Ubuntu my only operating system to use.

The workshop was more than I expected, I witnessed the great participation and work from my friends to make this workshop a successful story to be told.

You can see here that the FOSS workshop was a notable event in Damascus and Syria.

Ziad Maraqa, co-Project Lead from CC Jordan, spoke yesterday in Damascus at the iCommunity FOSS Workshop, a notable gathering for the Syrian Free Software community.

And here are some articles about the event but they’re in Arabic:

Al Watan Newspaper:








Thank you all for waiting a month 🙂

I’m Learning Python part 8 will be here soon.