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Joining Booking.com

After spending 3 years in Dubai and working at 2 different startups there, and after having worked at 5 different startups since I started working, I decided it’s time for me to move up and faraway from Dubai and startups, I started looking for jobs at big companies, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and got into a couple of interviews, and in the end I chose to go with Booking.com and I will be joining their team starting December 2014 as an IT Developer!

Joining Booking.com opens great doors for me, meeting new people, very talented people, working in a stable organization, working on big systems with huge traffic, trying new technologies (like programming with Perl), and so many more!

I have relocated from Dubai to Amsterdam and thanks to Booking.com Global Mobility Team the relocation was super smooth, and I’m happily settled down now in Amsterdam!

Hopefully I will have more free time so 2015 will have some new projects and posts!